Three Little Pigs Kids Theme Party Ideas

Ages: 1 to 3


Create a fun themed invitation by cutting out a house shape on a piece of cardstock. Clue a pocket on the back by putting glue on the bottom and sides of a paper cute to size. Cut out a sheet that will fit in the pocket and make it tall enough that about an inch will stick out from behind the chimney on the house. Cut the piece to look like smoke coming out of the chimney and write the party information on the section that will be in the pocket. Have your child color and decorate the houses to look like one of the three little pigs? houses (made of straw, sticks or bricks).

Decoration Ideas

Any farm related decorations are perfect for this party. If your child has a toy barn set put it out, along with stuffed animals, and pink balloons with pig faces drawn on them with a black permanent marker.

If you are willing to put in some more effort, get your husband rig up the 3 cardboard or styrofoam houses made of straw (straw glued on), sticks (with sticks glued on) and bricks (with bricks painted on or brick patterned paper glued on). Add cardboard cutouts of the 3 pigs near their huts and a wolf at the other end.

Craft Ideas

Glue plates to paint sticks and give them out to your party goers. Provide them with squiggly eyes, markers and scrap paper so that they can make their own pig puppet. You can also provide the kids with pretzel sticks and marshmallows or gumdrops and let them build their own house (you push the pretzels into the marshmallows or gum drops to connect them together). Provide other edible items for them to decorate their house such as, fun shaped fruit snacks, graham crackers to make sidewalks and so on.

Game Ideas

If you have a younger group of kids they would enjoy having the story of the Three Little Pigs read to them while they act out the parts of the pigs with their puppets. Have the kids play Huff and Puff Balloon toss. Provide the kids with balloons (not filled with helium) and put up a picture of a straw house. Then the kids can take turns trying to blow there balloon so that it hits the house. If they hit the house they blow it down and get a little prize. Hide 3 stuffed animal pigs. Tell the kids that they are wolves looking for the Little Pigs. Give them clues to finding them.

Food Ideas

An easy themed cake to make is one that looks like a pig face. You will need to make a round cake and 3-4 cupcakes. Frost the cake in pink icing, then add a cupcake for the snout and two at the top for ears. Use chocolate chips to add eyes and nostrils on the snout. Other fun food ideas are; pigs in a blanket, haystack cookies (made with crunchy chow mein noodles, in melted butterscotch), animal crackers, and a fruit salad.