Nautical Birthday Party Theme for Adults

Ages: Grown Ups/Adults

Invitation and Decoration Ideas:

Send an invitation that looks like a lighthouse. These are easy to make and your guests will automatically know what the theme is. Another option is to put the party information on a piece of parchment, roll it up, tie it with a string and then put it inside a bottle and hand deliver them (make sure the string sticks out of the top of the bottle so the paper can be removed).

Stick with the colors blue, red, white and yellow. Find items like seashells, nets, small lighthouses, pictures of the ocean, and other nautical themed items to decorate the walls and corners of the party area. Create portholes by putting pictures of the ocean in a round frame and hanging it on the wall. Use glass ball floats or lanterns as table decorations. Set up beach chairs. Play Caribbean music in the background. Make name place cards out of sand dollars or larger seashells. Put navy tablecloths on the table and use white dishes.

Games and Activities:

Play nautical bingo. Create bingo cards that have pictures of nautical items and hand them out to your guests. The prizes could be items like a sandcastle building set, a basket filled with items for a romantic seaside picnic and so on.

Set up one area as a place to take pictures. Provide items like sailor hats, beach towels, and a pail and shovel and encourage guests to take fun pictures.

Food Ideas:

The dinner will be the main event at this party. Anything from the ocean is a great choice for the dinner. Clam chowder, clam dip, salmon and any of your favorite seafood recipes would be great choices.

Fruit goes great with fish dishes, so prepare fresh fruit with this easy to make dip: mix 1 8 oz. carton cool whip with 1 package cream cheese and ½ cup brown sugar.