Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Birthday Party Theme for Toddlers

Ages: 2 to 4

Invitation Idea:

Mickey Pants Pocket Invitations

Make pocket invitations made to look like Mickey Mouse pants and slip the invitation inside. Get instructions here:

DIY Mickey Mouse Pocket Invitations

The pockets can also hold other stuff, like a carnival ticket if you plan to have carnival style games at the party or, in our case, a key to open the lock of the favors. Read on for our ideas on the Mickey Lock & Key favors.

CD Invitations

Burn a CD of free Mickey Mouse Clubhouse printables and games available from Disney website and print out a personalized CD label for it. Your guests will get to use the CD before the birthday and get psyched up about the party!


We have put together a separate page for all the pictures to inspire you to decorate for your Mickey themed party from the entrance to the favors table.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Theme Decoration Ideas

Ideas for decorating a Mickey themed 1st Birthday party are also included on the page.

You can also choose to buy ready-to-use Mickey Themed Decorations.

Games and Activities:

Mickey & Minnie Ears

Mickey and Minnie ears were handed out to all kid guests. Boys got Mickey and Girls got Minnie ears. While there are a few tutorials online for making Mickey ears, I am giving you one that makes lots of ears quick and cheap. Get instructions for making Quick, Easy and Cheap DIY Mickey & Minnie Ears.

DIY Mickey & Minnie Mouse Ears

Mickey Party Games

Since the party was for toddlers, rented small bouncy castles and other simple rides and swings were used for entertainment of the little guests.

Right in the middle of the party area was placed a play tunnel into which all the little guests wanted to spend the rest of their lives and had to be dragged away home. The kids were also given bubbles to blow (instead of streamers and noisemakers) as the cake was cut.

For a 1st birthday party, older kids were kept busy in a game of ‘Baby Mickey Picture BINGO’.

For older children, more games can be included like ‘Passing the Hot Dog’, Dress up like your favorite clubhouse character etc.

Cake & Food:

3D Mickey Cookies

3D cookies in the shape of a Mickey mouse than sit up on its own were a hit at our party! Click here for the 3D Mickey Cookies recipe.

Mickey Cake Ideas

A 3-tier cake in primary colors with little toy figures of the clubhouse characters was the show-stopper of the evening. For the 1st birthday party, a Baby Mickey candle doubled as a cake topper on a 2 tier yellow and blue polka dot cake with fondant stars.

See more Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Themed Cakes. You can also buy a Mickey Themed Cake Topper and make your own cake quickly and easily.

Personalized Favors:

The bubbles handed out earlier were part of the favors and were personalized with computer printed labels. From the CD labels to the bubble bottles, the same graphics were used to tie the theme together.

Personalized Favors: DIY Mickey Mouse Bubble Bottles

Girls got to wear Minnie face masks and finger puppets.

More Mickey mouse awaited the kids in Disney goodie bags.

Adults accompanying the toddlers were given jars of ‘Homemade Fudge’ with personalized jar labels printed off my printer. The fudge was cut into pieces and wrapped in foil in primary colors to go with the theme.

Mickey Mouse Party Homemade Fudge Favors for Adults

At another party, we had Mickey & Minnie ‘Lock & Key’ favors. The keys were sent in with the invitations and the children waited eagerly for the birthday to open their treasures. Decorated hinge boxes had Mickey and Minnie locks. Click for details for these creative, one-pf-a-kind DIY Mickey Party Favors.

DIY Mickey Mouse Lock & Key Favors

You can also fill melamine Mickey and Minnie character mugs with candy, wrap them in cellophane and hand out as favors.

Homemade Fudge - Party Favor for Parents

Toddlers are usually accompanied by Parents or just Moms and it is a nice gesture to present them a little something to take back too. Little jars of homemade fudge make a very practical and inexpensive gift for parents or other family friends and relatives who don’t have children to take home the kiddie stuff.