Mermaid Themed Party (Or Ariel or Little Mermaid)

Mermaid Shell Decoration for Mermaid Theme PartyAges: 4 to 10


1. Make an invitation shaped like a fish bowl. Glue a paper fish inside the bowl and add a conversation bubble that says: “I have been asked by King Triton the King of the Merpeople to invite you to a party.” Put the party information inside the card.

2. Make ‘Message in a Bottle’ invitations. Print your invitation and roll it up tying with a ribbon. Add it to a bottle along with sand and seashells.

Mermaid Party Decorating Ideas - Making the EntranceDecoration Ideas

Turn the party area into an underwater paradise by hanging blue streamers from the doorways, and ceiling. Mount green streamers on the walls so that they look like seaweed. Put pictures of fish and seashells on the wall. Place blue balloons in groupings throughout the party area. Place seashells in buckets filled with sand. Put out any other items you have that would add to the look. Think Blue, Green and Purple.

Check out all our decorating ideas by visiting Mermaid/Under the Sea Party Decorating Ideas. Our underwater entrance, the mermaid’s shell and treasure chest were big hits at the party!

Craft Ideas

Give the kids construction paper and glue and let them make fish out of paper plates.

Set up bubble stations with different household items the kids can use to make different sized and types of bubbles. Fun items include: a hula hoop, fly swatter, paper clip, pipe cleaners, hangers, funnels, wire whisks and anything else you can think of.

Game Ideas

Pearl Hunt

Hide ping pong balls or white marbles throughout the party area. Give the kids small bags with handles and have them go out and hunt for the pearls.

Have a crab race.

Play pin the crown on the Mermaid.

Play tag and modify it so that the person who is it is the shark and everyone else is a mermaid.

Water games are also a perfect activity for a Mermaid party. Fill water balloons and the let kids drench each other.

Mermaids and treasures go hand in hand. See our Treasure Hunt Party Ideas to grab one for your birthday party.

Mermaid Birthday Party CakeFood Ideas

Check out our gorgeous Mermaid Themed Birthday Cake.

Make hot dogs look like an octopus by cutting it in half lengthwise (only half way up the hot dog). Cut the halves into thirds and put the hot dog on a plate so that the legs fan out and the top of the hot dog looks like the octopus head. Offer blue punch or blueberry milkshakes, gold fish crackers and fish shaped fruit snacks.