Fairy/Enchanted Garden Theme Party

Ages: 1 to 8

Build an enchanted world for your precious fairy and see how the little one and her friends flutter around with joy.


Create easy, stenciled fairy invitations and send them along with a pouch of fairy dust. Or create toadstool invitations that let the kids open the door to view the party invitation. Another idea is to send flower wand invitations. See all projects below.

DIY Fairy Party InvitationsDIY Fairy Party Invitations DIY Flower Wand InvitationsDIY Flower Wand Invitations Toadstool Invitations for Fairy PartyToadstool Invitations for Fairy Party

On the inside, choose something from our Fairy/Enchanted Birthday Invitation Wording and print the party information. You can incorporate boys by turning them into ‘Elves’ and requesting girls and boys to come dressed in pink and green respectively.

If you don’t have time for making the invitations yourself, you might want to shop for pre-made Fairy/Tinkerbell Theme Invitations.

Decoration Ideas

Fairy Garden Theme Decorating Ideas

Pink and Green are the perfect colors for a Fairy Garden party. If you are hosting the party in a lawn, the greenery will supply the green color. If the party is within use green with pink to create balloon decorations, a whimsical fairy tent and entrance etc. Spread pink tablecloths and mix pink and green tableware. Find Fairy shelf sitters and decorate shelves with them if hosting the party in your house.

See more ideas for decorating an indoor venue for this theme at Enchanted/Fairy Garden Theme Decorating Ideas. You can also buy Fairy or Tinkerbell themed balloons and table decorations here – Fairy/Tinkerbell Theme Decorations.

Craft Ideas

The loveliest craft idea for an Enchanted party is to hand over pink and green wings to girls and boys respectively and let them decorate it using glitter, gemstones, sequins etc. While the birthday girl will wear a full Fairy or Tinkerbell costume, you can buy wholesale packs of wings, wands and tutus for all the other fairy garden guests. See all these costumes and accessories at Fairy/Tinkerbell Theme Costumes for Girls.

They can also decorate their own fairy wands in the same way. Girls can decorate/make Pink Fringed Party Hat and boys can craft their elf hats.

Game Ideas

Pass the Magic Wand is simple enough to be played by guests of all ages and so is ‘Musical Toadstools’ – a take on Musical Chairs. If there are mostly girls, they will enjoy a Dress-Up Game or a Skits In a Bag game. For both girls and boys, set up a Toy/Object Hunt by hiding little fairy dolls all around the party venue.

Rose Candy Race Place candy (or other gifts) inside tissue paper roses. Place them 2-3 feet apart. Players race in two’s and gather the roses. The duo that reaches back first with all the roses wins a prize. others get to keep the candy roses.

Fairy Themed Birthday CakesFood Ideas

Dainty little, attractive pastries and finger foods will be loved by all the little fairies and elves. Make pastel colored Petit Fours or Chocolate Petit Fours. Little chocolate drizzled fruit kebabs, Pinwheel Sandwiches, Candy Rolls and Cookie Flowers will look as well as taste great.

See Fairy Themed Birthday Cakes for ideas that will help create a stunning fairy garden themed cake. You can also buy Tinkerbell Themed Cake Topper Kits and quickly decorate any sheet cake.

Gifts & Favors

The decorated wands and wings and tiaras and tutus will double as party favors for all the guests. But if you are looking for more options, take a look at Fairy/Tinkerbell Theme Party Favors. And for the birthday girl, we have collected together some of the best fairy themed gifts at Fairy/Tinkerbell Theme Gift Ideas for the Birthday Girl. Be sure to take a look at the Maggie Bateson pop-up books. They are delightful for all fairy-struck girls as well as family treasures to hold on to for the next generation.