Doraemon Party Theme for Kids

Ages: 3 to 8


Cut out a shape on white paper that looks like Doraemon. Glue a pocket to the front where Doraemon?s pocket would be. Write the party information on a separate paper and put it in Doraemon?s pocket.

Decoration Ideas

Doraemon is blue, white and red so use these colors to decorate with streamers, balloons and party ware. Put pictures of Nobita?s house and other characters out.

Craft Ideas

Doraemon has many cool gadgets that he keeps in his pocket. Provide the kids with interesting items like toilet paper tubes, cereal boxes, pipe cleaners, glue, crayons and paper so they can design and build a gadget of their own.

Game Ideas

Doraemon?s Pocket Game

Use a medium sized box and draw a large picture of Doraemon on it. Put a hole that you can fit your hand in where Doraemon?s pocket would be. Put small prizes inside and let the kids pull out an item. Younger kids will especially enjoy it.

Fun with Bubbles

In the opening sequence Doraemon and Nobita blow bubbles together. Give the kids bubbles and let them have fun blowing them and popping them.

Keep Away from the Mouse Game

Doraemon is very afraid of mice. Play this game like hot potato except use a plastic fake mouse.

Chopstick Relay

Divide the kids into two groups put a bowl filled with large marshmallows at one end and an empty bowl at the other. The kids have to use the chopsticks to transport one marshmallow each to the empty bowl. They are not allowed to touch the marshmallow with their hands.

Food Ideas

Make ?sushi rolls? out of favorite kid foods. Use dried fruit rolls and put cool whip or coconut or anything else you can think of and roll it up. Doraemon loves Dorayaki a pancake shape food with a sweet filling. You can make something similar or follow a traditional recipe. A round cake can easily be made to look like Doraemon?s face.