Celebrating Birthdays - Birthday Party Ideas and Themes

Birthday Party Themes for 5 Year Old Boys

Five year old boys start to get the idea of ‘tough and bold’ although they still look as cute as they looked when they were two years old. Here are some of the most popular birthday themes that appeal to five year old boys.

Pirate Party Theme

Pokemon Party Theme

Sailor Themed Party

Hero Party

Jungle Theme Party

Carnival Themed Party

Circus Theme Party

Beach Party

Arthur Theme Party

Clifford Party

Curious George Party

Horse Party

Sponge Bob Square Pants Party

Doraemon Themed Party

Camp Out Themed Party

About BirthdayGirl

Lata Tokhi a.k.a Birthday Girl is a Mom of two who looks forward to her kids birthdays more than they do! I love to plan and host birthday and other parties around themes and like to do things differently to make each party memorable.

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