Birthday Gift Ideas for 1 year old

First birthdays are fun as well as critical for gift-givers. It is indeed, difficult to make babies happy. And add to it the current fears of the baby having almost everything thanks to the excited parents. But there are some things a baby cannot have too many of. Here are some of the best ideas to gift on a first birthday:

Birthday Party Supplies1. Bathtime Toys: Rubber Duckies or other floating cuties, babies love their bathtime companions.

2. Handmade with Love: If you sew or knit or crochet, a bib, a sweater or a scarf will make wonderful gifts.

3. Baby Gift Baskets: Gather baby soaps, lotions and toys and put together a gift basket or a gift hamper to be of use to the baby.

4. Clothes: Babies grow fairly quickly and it never hurts to gift them clothes to grow into.

5. Purchased Toys: When buying toys for babies, be careful not to buy anything ‘For 3 years and older’ as well as those specified for ‘infants’. There are a lot of musical, pull along and building toys that keep the baby busy and their parents happy.

6. Homemade Toys: Hand-sewn blocks and rag dolls are the safest toys and the most heartfelt the baby can ever receive.

7. Expensive Utility Items: It is advisable to consult the baby’s parents before gifting these. A stroller, a walker/pusher, a baby fun gym, a riding vehicle etc. are wonderful ideas to gift on a first birthday.

8. Money: Yes, a great gift that will grow along with the baby is money. Gift the birthday child a trust fund and your gift will remain in the child’s memory for an unexpected period of time. This gift idea is particularly suited for relatives and close friends.

9. Towels: Adorable little hooded towels and bath robes are available in a wide variety to gift to any fun-loving baby. And a baby cannot have too many of these as well.

10. Baby Books: Help instill an early interest for reading in the baby by gifting baby books full of bright colored objects or washable fabric or bath time books.

11. Nesting Toys: Nesting rings, blocks, eggs etc. will make the baby very happy to play with. Choose toys of a good brand and one with bright colors.