Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Theme Birthday Decoration Ideas

We decorated the venue for a 2 year old and a 1st Birthday for a Boy. First, we zeroed down on the colors to be used. The colors of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse logo are the primary colors red, blue, yellow and green. These were to be the colors for all our decorations.

Entrance Ideas:

The entrance was formed out of chipboard replicating ‘Mickey Park’ personalized with the birthday girl’s name on it.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Party Entrance

For the 1st Birthday party of a Boy, a Baby Mickey balloon invited the guests in:


Helium balloons in our chosen primary colors with satin ribbon tied to their tails, floated to the ceiling. DIY Tip: As shown below, tie the helium gas balloons to a large string and the place one end of the string on each end of the room tying it down to balloon weights. The balloons will form an arch all over the room and will make a very easy and inexpensive decoration.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Party Decoration

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Decoration Ideas

Stage Backdrop:

A hand-painted cloth painting formed the backdrop of our stage.

Mickey Mouse Party Decorating Ideas

The backdrop can be flanked by clusters of balloons

Balloons & Other Accents

For the 1st Birthday, we placed a Baby Mickey Honeycomb centerpiece at the food table. It co-ordinates with the Baby Mickey balloon at the entrance.

Next, bring a life-sized Mickey Mouse inside your party. A great option to hiring an expensive mascot is to buy an airwalker balloon.

This balloon is 5 feet tall and we had all guests take a picture with it. Girls ‘ball-danced’ with the balloon making for some really cute pictures. weights in its feet (provided with the balloon) made it stay on the floor.

Another lovely balloon, especially for a boy’s birthday is ‘Mickey Driving His Red Car’ balloon. We filled it with helium and let it float to the ceiling.

Cake Table

The cake table was decorated with paper flowers in primary colors and clusters of balloons.

Goodie Tables

Three separate tables were set up for the party. Each table was decorated by clusters of primary colored balloons in the background and 2 each of the 6 main characters of the clubhouse. The characters were hand-painted on foam in this case, but can be cardboard cutouts or inflatables. Each table held something for the kids – party hats, bubbles, noisemakers, character masks, finger puppets etc.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Theme Decoration IdeasMickey Mouse Clubhouse Theme Decoration Ideas

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Theme Decoration Ideas

On one of these tables were bubble bottles with custom-printed labels.

Favor Table:

Mickey painted gym bags in official Disney loot bags were placed on a pretty decorated table.